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Re: E20-001 exam doubts.

Debi, I was just looking at this thread again and I'm not sure if the answer to one of the questions is really hitting the mark. The question is around the type of questions on the exam. You indicated (and rightly so) that there is no comment on the specific questions on the exam. I think the question was around the type of question (e.g. multiple choice, simulation, essay, matching, etc.) rather than the content. Is that something that you are allowed to answer? I'll let you field that one in case my guess is wrong, but I suspect that that isn't an issue...?

If you still can't answer that specifically than I would just say that anyone can take the practice exam and should be able to feel confident that it is strongly representative of the types of questions and content that can appear in the actual exam. How is that for a round-about (but safe) answer? 🙂

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