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Do Meta/hyper devices created on dmx-3 "share spindles" with other devices


I have been asked by the DW team if their symm devices created on the dmx-3 share spindles with non data ware house devices. My first inclination is to say no because I am relatively a dmx-3 newbie, however I want to be sure. I know that sharing spindles on the clariion is common if I create luns within the same raid group for different applications and I can check that easily on our CX4-480. Finding this information on the dmx-3 is a mystery to me. I display the disks by disk group, I execute a symdisk list to see the free space on each disk, however, I can't tell how many devices(luns), have data on each disk. If other servers have data defined on the disks used by the DW, then I might to do some shuffling. The devices are standard devices, no bcvs.

Sorry if the answer is obvious, I am just not finding the answers needed.



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