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How to tell which initiator has data on an RDF1+Mir symdev

Hello all,

Is there a fast way to come up with the list of all initiators that have any data being replicated on RDF1+Mir devices?

I need to list all my hosts that have any data being replicated via SRDF. ECN members on an earlier question post have shown me a fast way to find the masking views to which all my RDF devices belong, which works great for all my RDF1+TDEV devices in masking views. However, one of my RDF groups is nothing but RDF1+Mir devices that are not part of a storage group, so there's no masking view to look up.

I've never run into Mirror devices before, but I assume they're just clones of regular devices and those regular devices are masked to hosts like usual. (Am I right?) Is there a fast way to make a list of initiators masked to the source devices that are cloned to the RDF1+Mir devices?

Thanks for your help!

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