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Re: Need info regarding the error messsage

Hi Maggie,

"Nodev timeout" is a message from the Emulex HBA driver telling you that a fibrechannel (storage) port disappeared for a time longer than the configured "nodev-tmo" in /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf. EMC recommend this is set to 60 seconds for Symmetrix/DMX. This is to allow for online configuration changes & microcode upgrades, where the port may disappear briefly while it resets.

However, the WWN which went missing (50:01:04:f0:00:77:49:fb) is not a Symmetrix FA port. EMC Symmetrix ports start with 50:06:04:8x, with 006048 being one of EMC's IEEE OUI (Vendor IDs).

The WWN you refer to is manufactured by SUN Microsystems (OUI 00104F).

Just FYI - the OUI addressing scheme & registration tables can be found here:

Hope that helps!