Re: Using Virtual Isilon with ViPR

soetingr: I have installed VNX File simulator now. Thanks.

dynamox: I am ok to start with playing with File storage. Until I get the physical storage, I will continue using VNX File simulator Thanks.

Once I attached the VNX File Simulator with ViPR, I do NOT see any associated ports discovered when I add them into the ViPR environment. However I am able to see two associated storage pools - clar_r5_economy and clar_r5_performance. I am supposed to see default associated ports, right?

And because of lack of ports, I am unable to create IP network (as part of process of adding virtual array), so not able to create virtual array.

FYI: I used the STATIC IP address for configuring virtual external network interface (using "netconfig -d eth0"). However, I could not configure Unisphere, because "ifconfig eth2" command did not had "inet addr" in the output.

Please suggest.

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