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How do I alter Vipr Meta Configs for VMAX ?


My customer is pointing out that doing provisioning from Vipr to VMAX, the method is to use a meta member size of 240GB, which is the largest that a VMAX can handle.  Pre-Vipr, we had always advised using a smaller member size, like 100GB to build meta-volumes. 

Since I can enable auto-meta creation within the VMAX to build a member of a certain size, is there any way to alter the default size that Vipr is using ?

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Re: How do I alter Vipr Meta Configs for VMAX ?

Hi Rich,

ViPR 2.0 or later will read auto meta size that is configured on respective storage system. This is available only in SMI-S 4.6.2 kit or later.

From the ViPR Documentation:

  • If the VMAX auto meta feature is enabled, the maximum volume size is the min_auto_meta_size setting of the array.


If you modify the min_auto_meta_size setting of any array under ViPR management from Unisphere, the best practice is to immediately rediscover the array in order to synchronize the array settings with ViPR. If you do not rediscover the array, any volume creation or expansion could yield unpredictable results.


Other Useful Information:

This discovered auto meta size is not visible on UI hence to verify whether ViPR has picked up the right configured auto meta size the user can query StoragePool resource using the API (GET /vdc/storage-pools/{id}).

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