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Block Alignment on VMAX All Flash 250F

Hi All,

During performance test with IOmeter, on our VMAX 250F, with 1.5TB of cache, two V-Bricks and 40 SSD disks.

We expected to view 200K IOPS and RT<1ms(Requirements of our RFP). But, when I do the test, we don´t see these numbers.

Only 180K [MAX] IOPS with 1.3/1.4 avg IOPS not sustained.

I noticed a lot of GM consumed, (Topic for another time.) because we created some TDEV´s and I noticed some good variation when we change the Align IO, to 1MB and we saw 290K IOPS and 0.8ms RT sustained.

Changing Align IO/partition Alingment is a good choice for pushing performance and decrease RT?

Thanks in advance.

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