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Re: Moving Disk Transparently From Host Point of View

Hi Hoonman24,

First a little background on the VMAX..

VMAX 20K/40K can be configured as thick or thin. That means your sysres will sit in one particular RAID group of disks for thick provisioned. In a thin environment the disks are virtualized into a single pool per installed disk technology.

Further, with thin there can be different tiers of disk (slow > fast) and with VMAX FAST technology, the data on your sysres may be on one or multiple tiers at the same time. There are FAST policies that can manage your environment from a performance perspective.

So you will need to understand what type of environment you have with your VMAX before considering a physical disk move per your question.

So yes, you can influence where your sysres is physically via FAST policies for example - within an array. Totally transparent to the host.

From my experience with Mainframe and VMAX, pretty much the only reason to move host devices around at the back-end is for performance reasons. FAST policies are an excellent tool for this.

For a Thick provisioned environment, you are limited to an FDRPAS or ZOS Migrator type product to move the volume at the host.

Before considering any volume moves, you need to have a good handle on the configuration of the array...

Does that answer the question for you?