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Re: Moving Disk Transparently From Host Point of View

Thank you Jason again for your great replies. Now I have a better view of the problem:

1) There is no need for manually moving data from one physical device to the other just because of a disk crash. With FAST technology it can be done dynamically using our own policies.

2) It is better to define thin devices, this is the trend of VMAX.


During our end-of-day operations, we need at least 4 copies of our database(one for online, one for batch, one for full backup and the other for DR). So there are R1, R2, R2-BCV and another DR-R2 and during the night all will be split. We don't do IPL because only databases are mirrored, after splitting the R2 mirror DBMS will start and continues online operation. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. I don't know whether there are better solutions for getting fast 4 point-in-time copies of databases?!

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