powershell scripts for Avamar backup statistics and information

The attached powershell scripts will allow you to view live and historical statistics regarding performance, capacity, and other events that are occuring on your Avamar grid.  See the header of the script attached to see how to run and screenshots below for a running examples. 

The script can be leveraged to mail summarized information, generate reports, excel files, as well as serve a collector of performance information.  The difficult portions here regarding 64-bit/32-bit ODBC, postgresql from powershell, and other areas have been taken care of internally in the scripts.  Feel free to open up and have fun!

Output from the attached scripts comes in PSobjects, so piping this to anything following is very easy and powerful.

Hint: If you are looking to generate new reports or output, see Appendix C of the Avamar Administration Guide, and leverage the postgres command line tool from the Avamar utility node with the following command "psql -d mcdb -h localhost -U viewuser -W -p 5555". 

MD5: 2567A68CCCAD73A214AD544B18284CCC