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Re: Experience / Best Practices with long time VM snaps for huge VMFS stores?

Josh Atwell's response:

Fair enough.  I speak solely from a portal/service standpoint.  The task is then to identify what the use case is really truly asking for, and if we anticipate that array snapshots and/or recover point can meet that objective.  Then it becomes a separate infrastructure related option that they can offer as separate "service", or ideally on an isolated tier w/ that capability.  Standard service offering would be virtual layer option that can be controlled in the portal that puts a limit on virtual layer snapshots at no additional cost since it uses native architecture and toolsets.  This will then limit the impact of needing/wanting to alter LUN sizes and isolate impact.

I also dealt with some long term snaps but in the end we found that we reclaimed data from them so infrequently that it wasn't worth making a service around.  Naturally I found this out after spending a week or two working on figuring out how to specifically enable users to do independently. 🙂  We still kept the snap policy but requests for mounting and using the snapshots came with a best effort SLA.

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