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SRA returns 'discoverDevices' failed. No replicated devices could be found.

I am in the midst of setting up VMware's SRM and have run into a problem with the SRA (5.0.2)

Everything seems to be setup fine yet when I query the array pairs (Array Pairs tab under Array Manager in SRM), I get:

SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed. No replicated devices could be found. Please verify the correct array managers and array pairs are configured.

EMC has confirmed that my Mirrorview/A consistency group is setup and replicating correctly (Mirrorview Enabler for SRA is installed on SRM boxes).

I can't seem to find or get in touch with anyone at EMC who knows anything about inner workings of the SRA. VMware is, perhaps fairly, saying this is an EMC SRA problem. This has been extremely frustrating - so close, yet so far.

In case anyone from EMC needs it, Service Request #59111628  is where I am stuck.

Arrays are VNX 5300s.

Any help or suggestion will be ENORMOUSLY appreciated.



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