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Re: PowerPath/VE and SE 7.1 for VMware ESX 4.0 servers

If I understand you question correctly, you can do the following:

- have a VM (i.e. Windows or Linux)

- attach Symmetrix Gatekeepers to this VM as Raw Device Mappings (best is if you put them on a different scsi bus), ofcourse you have to map & mask your gatekeepers to your VMware environment first.

- install Solutions Enabler on this VM

- install rpowermt tools on this VM

This way you can use also ESXi. Also you do not need a dedicated ESX host for this VM.

By using raw device mapping for your gatekeepers, Solutions Enabler can issue commands across the gatekeepers even while it is a VM. This way you can also run other Symmetrix software, such as SMC in a VM.

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