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Re: Connect ESXi host to VNX5300


Let me start by quickly mentioning that Dynamic Discovery is a way to simplify populating the Static Discovery list.  Once populated it is no different than if I manually added them to the Static Discovery list individually.  Any existing paths identified by Dynamic Discovery will persist.  Unless you are adding new paths on a regular basis (maybe??? and yes I'm digging deep for an argument as to why), there really isn't any reason to add more than one Dynamic Discovery IP as the VNX will return all configured iSCSI targets from the array which we've all seen before.

Technically (no need to try), once (dynamically) discovered and you are fine with the list as seen in the Static Discovery tab, the sessions are logged in and LUNs available across the active paths, you could delete the entry in Dynamic Discovery.  Again, at this point you are no different than if you manually added them yourself.  You should also be able to reboot and they will persist.  Please don't try because, for instance, I don't know if maybe you disabled Delayed Ack at the Dynamic Discovery level under the Advanced options so that then propogates to the individual Static Discovered entries (maybe because you chose for some reason not to disable it at the iSCSI adapter as a whole), I'm not 100% certain without testing if the child would recognize that.  I will suggest though that hopefully this use case where it was set at one level but you remove that layer has been considered, and that the setting propogates and persists to the leaf nodes (individual sessions).

Does this make sense?

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