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support of LUN migrate for a dvol


I want to know if it is possible to do a LUN Migrate which it contains a dvol

the environment is a VNX5700 file in last version flare 32 and

i want to free up RG100 with 14 disks

i want to migrate LUN 51 to LUN 52

extract of whereisfs

CKM00110900049-0100      51   (d18 )         fsarch10
50   (d17 )        

CKM00110900049-0101      53   (d16 )         fsarch10
52   (d15 )        

Before i remove d17 and d15 that i previously free up from storage pool (nas_pool -shrink) and remove from StorageGroup, finaly delete dvol.

it is a supported solution?

thank you

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