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With Inyo, VNX OE for Block 32, thick LUNs now both reserve the space and are fully allocated.

I went through release notes for "EMC® Virtual Provisioning™ for VNX™ OE for Block Version" , these notes are contradicting the statement made by you above. Please refer the excerpt below.

Thick LUN consumption per tier

When you create a thick LUN, the pool storage required for that thick LUN is not actually allocated; instead, it is reserved. Because these reservations are based on the pool rather than the tier, this reserved storage is not reflected in the tier breakdown at the thick LUN level, until the thick LUN is written to and the storage is actually allocated.

Additionally, when you set a tiering preference for a thick LUN, the storage is only reserved for the LUN even if the thick LUN appears to be fully provisioned. Because these reservations are not made on a per tier level, by the time the data is actually allocated to the thick LUN as the result of a write, the storage tier requested may no longer be available. If you enable FAST, this problem will be resolved during subsequent relocations.

Please advise.

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