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Re: LUN with high response times ? How to fix?

Hi dynamox, the drive is a VMDK, on a VMFS5 volume.  It is the only VMDK on the LUN ~1.25TB in size and is presented only to that guest.  We use the PVSCSI virtual adapters for our SQL Server guests as well.

The Pool is very large, 25 x 200GB EFD, 70 x 600GB 15K SAS, and 70 x 2TB NL-SAS - All are in RAID5(4+1) as it was first built 2.5 years ago on Flare 31 (and before best practise said to limit max disk in pools)

I havent braved analyzer and 165 disks in a single chart so far.. I assumed that the load would have been evenly spread.

LUN tiering profile is 2.8% / 88.6%/ 8.52% with a policy of autotiering.


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