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Re: LUN with high response times ? How to fix?

Disk IO stats for the pool - very rough:

EFD Tier : IOPS peak at about 512/s max utilisation 31%, avg ~16%

SAS Tier: IOPS avg about 90/s, overall peaks up to 200/s.  I have one disk peaking at 343/s.  Utilisation averages about 30% and peaks about 62%  (PS: for the entire 8 hour window Im analysing utilisation for all SAS disks never once drops below ~15%)

NLSAS Tier:  I can see one HOT Raid group, its peaking about 70% utilisation and the rest are at 14%. IOPS for the HOT RG are up to 200/s and for the rest 50/s or lower.

So if I have one HOT RG in a pool, how do I control data placement to spread the load?   For a traditional LUN I would move that to a more appropriate RG or disk type but with a pool I dont have that control.


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