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Re: Uncorrectable Sector - How to determine LUN impacted

I am currently in similar predicament, and unfortunately the nature of virtualization prevents us from quickly identifying the correlation between the LBA in issue and the LUN it is associated with. In your case, while RAID Group 14E has the LBA in issue but if EMC is saying the entire pool needs to be RoBV'd (Read only Background Verify) then I can assume you must be running FAST VP too. That means FAST VP may be moving the uncorrectables with in the pool and may be long gone from the reported LBA and can be anywhere.

There really is no way of finding out which LUN is impacted other than disabling FAST VP to stop the block relocation and running RoBV to identify where the uncorrectables are at that moment. If it's on File side, it can add another layer of finding out the correlating FS to make things more difficult.

Having that said, your idea of having the alert identifying the LUN to be recovered would not only benifit us as a customer but EMC as well from TTR perspective. It would be an excellent enhancement EMC can make to automatically kick start the process when OE code finds the uncorrectables. Or at least make it an option for us to choose (stopping FAST without consent may not be preferable to some).

EMC > Please kindly open an Enhancement Request ticket with the above.

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