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Re: What might cause multiple failures of drives in the same slot?

Thanks again for the pointers, Adham. My optimism has declined a bit. I've been told that the iSCSI logout is a network congestion symptom (though they are very highly correlated with the bus errors) and that as the drive wasn't replaced when it was reseated, I needed to replace it again. I did that

In the end the original drive replacement (aside from the reseating event) was sufficiently far in the past that I was asked to replace the drive (which we arranged and was done on the 10th). The slot failed again at 9PM last night with the same pattern - a burst of Soft SCSI Bus Errors for the slot, shutdown errors for the *adjacent* drive and iSCSI timeouts for the ESXi hosts (thankfully 9PM on weekdays is quiet for our usage scenario).

For anyone at EMC who'd like to review, the latest fault (with today's SPCollects) is on 76183538. The previous case (at the start of this thread) was 75734958 and the previous attempt to that was 74134482.



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