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Re: What might cause multiple failures of drives in the same slot?

Thanks Glen

On the subject of the SCSI reservations and VAAI/ATS - I think we currently have ATS disabled per ETA207784 until we can schedule an upgrade to the latest OE version (we're in a change freeze for Christmas and New Year and the OE upgrade is probably not enough of an emergency to bypass that).

Drive firmware - it's on the list to do early in the new year (probably even sooner than the OE upgrade).

iSCSI Logouts:I can see why the transfer of data to the hot spare might load the system, but the ESXi logs suggest *very* high latency: "Long VMFS rsv time on 'V2 BULK 20' (held for 4417 msecs)" makes me wonder if the SP is stalling completely for several seconds?

I haven't replaced the drive yet, perhaps because I was hoping to trigger an escape from what has become a repetitive process. My concern is that I don't know how to get EMC to perform proper analysis on a superficially functional array with a repetitive fault, which is why I had wanted to leave the fault present. Perhaps I need to replace the drive (I think this will be the 6th replacement) and *then* raise a new SR to request some analysis of why the drives keep failing?

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