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Add a Debian Linux Host to EMC VNX 5100

Hey all,

I am so sorry to border you with this and yes I know there is a lot documentation with approx. 312 pages about how to connect a Linux system to an EMC but unfortunatly like always I was totally suprised with this request and never added a Linux host before.

Can someone quickly let me know what steps are required to add a Linux host to EMC?

1) The Debian OS is installed

2) The HBA drive is instaslled and the card visible

3) Attached to the SAN Switches and Zoning done

4) Do I need to install the Agent on the Debian machine or can I create the host with the WWN manually?

5) When the Agent is installed does it register itself automatically?

6) Any special settings for the Linux host to configure?

Thank you very much you would save my day


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