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vnx multi-domain help

I am trying to set up a multi-domain configuration between two VNX5500's. The two VNX's are geographically distant and both are in their own Local domain.

I have done the following:

1. logged in via unisphere to VNX A via SPA ip

2. selected Manage Multi-Domain Configuration from the Domains section

3. entered in IP address of VNX B SPA and gave it a Local Name SiteVNXB

4, It showed up in the Available Domains and I selected it's IP address (VNX B SPA) from the list and added it to the Selected Domains list

At that point, I selected Apply.

Nothing changed in my Unisphere display.

Two questions I have - what does it mean by 'Select Domain Gateway System' and do I need to add both my arrays into the Available Domains area?


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Re: vnx multi-domain help

I figured it out.

A darwin award as when I did not realize that entering in the IP address actually moved it into the correct quadrant. I was removing it - thus no change was detected.

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