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Re: VPLEX and Mirrorview/A or /S coexistence


In general, backend replication technologies are supported with VPLEX Local and VPLEX Metro. Here is a white paper that describes a use-case with SRDF.

Broadly, with the release of the native VPLEX RecoverPoint splitter with GeoSynchrony 5.1, that is another option available to consider to meet the use-case you are describing.

A couple of things to remember in the config you are describing:

1. If you are intending to use VPLEX Metro and Mirrorview between the same two sites, then use only one technology to protect a given volume

2. For volumes that you protect with MirrorView, if the VPLEX virtual volume is migrated then the MirrorView relationship will need to be altered. This is also true when you tech refresh the backend VNX array

3. In this config, we strongly recommend strong change control processes since a change at either the VNX layer or the VPLEX layer will impact the backend replication.

If there are other questions, please let us know.