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secure-it howto


I've the last scenario described in this document:

Internally I serve a vworkspace web portal like this (I've a valid ssl certificate)

So my secure-it properties (Web Interface proxy) are:

local ip address = public_secure-it_ip

local port = 443

destination hosts = fqdn_web_server (only reachable internally)

destination port = 443 (our web service is trough https protocol)

When someone tries to connect to web service trough public_secure-it_ip, it is redirected to

so it doesn't work fine due to the access to  is clossed to external access.

Why are external users redirected to mywebportal?

Is there a good howto/documentation to setup a secure-it?

I think that the problem could be also in the WebSettings.xml , but I don't know.

Suggestions?, howtos?

Thanks in advance

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