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RE: Skype over RDSH - Thinclients and Webcams


I've finnaly fix it.

The TC has some default active options regarding USB redirection exclusions.

To avoid them you can do it into this way: 

Login into the TC as admin, I localized the "Connect Manager" --> Global Connection Settings and then I uncheck:

- Exclude audio devices

- Exclude video devices

Also, on Global connection settings RDP tab --> USB Device Redirection Type = TCX USB (instead of RDP USB)

In my case the previous fix only Works if you have installed TCX suite server on the RDSH server.

Also you can include the above on your WNOS.ini by adding this:

SessionConfig=ALL UnmapPrinters=no Smartcards=yes UnmapSerials=no MapDisks=yes VUSB_DISKS=no VUSB_VIDEO=Yes VUSB_AUDIO=Yes VUSB_PRINTER=yes DisableSound=No EnableImprivataVC=no Language=0x040A Fullscreen=yes
SessionConfig=RDP EnableNLA=no EnableGFX=yes EnableRdpH264=yes EnableRecord=yes USBRedirection=TCX AutoDetectNetwork=no TSGWEnable=no

Device=VUSB ForceRedirect=0x046d,0x0826,0xef,0x02,0x01