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Re: Data Migration from VMAX to Xtreme IO


The best solution might be a relative term depending on what you need to accomplish. If you are keeping the target LUNs all the same, Open Replicator or PPME works great since they are LUN based.

If you need flexibility to re-layout VG's or logical volumes/drives given that you are chaning your LUN layout due to the extreme performance of the XtremIO array regardless of LUN size, then native LVM or Open Migrator for Windows might be the way to go since you can change these sizes/layouts with these methods.

Finally, if you need the flexibility of all of the above and want the DBA's to control the migraition, you could simply use ASM rebalancing (this will likely take longer as a background task).

All solutions work great and are proven, the decision really comes down to host-based versus array-based and how fast/comfortable you want to get with the migrations. Some require software installs, some are natively built-in. Some requi SAN work, others just present new LUNs.

That was a long way of saying it depends . For oracle workloads, all of the methods are supported and will work. Is your target layout on XtremIO changing? If so, how is it designed?

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