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Re: XPS 8930 or Aurora R7 selection advice


Thank you for all the information and the links to the other posts.

You confirmed my concerns about the PSU and that the 850W unit would be the best option.

Perhaps I exaggerated a little when I said that my current setup is very quiet. During word processing or surfing the web I can only hear the PS fan at low rpm, but it is almost unnoticeable. Only when the CPU gets under a heavier load does the CPU fan ramp up and it is quite loud.

I tried to configure an XPS 8930 with the same components as an R7. I had to use the 460W PSU for this comparison because the 8930 does not have an 850 PSU option or liquid cooling for that matter. The price differential is a little over $300. That difference would only account for the Alienware case and perhaps the control software. Adding the 850W PSU and liquid cooling would add an additional $150 for a total $450 premium over the 8930.

Since I don't do heavy gaming, I need to really think about the 850W PSU and liquid cooling and if I can justify that price differential in order to get the undoubtedly better R7 system.

Perhaps you can sway my decision one way or the other if you believe that the liquid cooling really makes the computer a little quieter even if no heavy gaming is involved. To me a quiet computer is important, but at a reasonable cost.

I really appreciate your expert inputs.



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