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Re: XPS 8930 or Aurora R7 selection advice

I agree with you that better parts cost more money. My concern is that with identical parts the $300 price difference could only be attributed to the R7 case, which seems excessive. I am ready to pay $150 extra for the larger PSU and liquid cooling because those I would consider improved parts for improved performance and worth the extra expense.

And yes, I want to buy a powerful computer now because I like to keep it for many years without running out of performance capabilities in the future. It seems that more processing power (and memory capacity) is required every time some new application is released.

When I said that no heavy gaming was involved I really meant to indicate that currently the computer would only occasionally be used for a game. I was hoping that under those conditions I would have an option of temporarily tolerating more noise when using an 8930. But I don't want to run the possibility of frying the CPU and degrading components due to the high case temperatures.

Since an 850W PSU is only available for the Aurora R7, that leaves me with only one choice if I want to go that route.

You now also confirm my suspicion that the new processors can run much hotter than the older ones and that better cooling is important. That means liquid cooling, even if the CPU is not run at maximum load all the time.

So if I want to get the most capable computer for my purpose and be also future proofed, I can see why you would recommend the liquid cooling option.

One other question that you might be able to help with. Since I only occasionally run games, would downgrading to an Intel i5-8400 vs i7-8700 and a GTX 1060 vs GTX 1070 lower the power and cooling requirements sufficiently so that I can use the 8930 with a 460W power supply and air cooling? Also do you believe that the i5-8400 would soon be outdated and run out of processing power in the next 8 to 9 years and therefore not a good choice? I would like to keep my new computer for at least that long.

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you for your invaluable information. I guess all your advice is based on practical experiences and that is worth a lot to me.


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