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Re: My Aurora-R6 - Nvidia drivers in Fall-2018

Upgraded Nvidia GTX-1070 drivers to much newer (but not latest) Fall-2018 WHQL Nvidia drivers
(from ) .

I'm not using GeForce Experience, as I don't want to end-up being a "Nvidia driver tester". IMO, they should call it "Nvidia Beta-Tester Experience" NBTE  :Smile: .
I just like to find a 100% working/stable video driver, and stick-with-it for a while (and not worry about it).
It's also well-known that older video cards often run better on slightly older drivers.

Version: 399.24 - WHQL
Release Date: Mon Sep 10, 2018
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 497.45 MB

Windows: Scale = 100% , 2560x1440 (Native) ... both "Recommended".
Nvidia Control Panel: Let 3D Apps Decide / PhysX = Auto (should auto-select GTX-1070)

Programs and Features: old NEW (current)
Nvidia Graphics Driver 391.25 399.24
Nvidia HD Audio Driver
Nvidia PhysX Driver 9.16.0318 9.17.0524

Installing Nvidia Graphics Driver v399.24 WHQL
(No GeForce Experience or 3D-Vision ... keep it lean)

Select Custom
Selected only Graphics Driver, HD Audio Driver, and PhysX Driver.
Select option for Clean Install
Rebooted computer when finished

Nvidia Control Panel says v399.24 is installed
- Left it set on "Let the 3D Applications Decide" for now (about as generic as you can get)
- Left PhysX Processor on Auto-Select (since it said Recommended). It correctly shows that "GTX-1070" is being used.
- Hide Tray-Icon and Context Menu options


After many weeks of long gaming-sessions (mostly WoW and Fallout-4) and lots of general use ... this driver is reveled to be 100% working/stable.
I say v399.24 should work fine on any GTX-10x0 card, in a Windows-10 64bit system.

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