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4 Ruthenium

Re: Aurora R4 Overhaul - of sorts

That was quite a TL;DR ... no way I could back n forth about your project ideas but I can chime in once w/ a nudge

My friend @Tesla is like the good Angel on your shoulder, while I'm like a demon

Your SSD upgrade should've occurred a few years ago, you'll do well w/ the Sammy 8 or 9 series. We like Macrium Reflect free-edition for OS imaging / cloning, where my advice to you is to image your OS onto the SSD then image it again onto a smaller cheaper spinner drive, or however u prefer your backups of course, but there are reasons to occupy all 4 HDD bay drives in the case floor, especially if you're doing the W7-to-W10 upgrade & have working copies & clones of each OS over multiple drives etc, where a 5th drive can be tucked up into an empty DVD tray & hooked to SATA cable if needed

Your 800MHz memory is probably actually running @1600 (google double data rate / DDR /aka DDR3 memory); my CPU-ID software reports mine running at 1466 (true), but it's dbl-data-rate so it's really 2933MHZ, understand? I think the minimum it can run is 1066 or 1333 (software reported 533 or 666.5) depending on type; from there we overclock it to say 1600 (reported as 800) or 1866 (reported 933) etc

I say, buy the 4960x retail version, it will work, u do not need a Dell CPU; from there, sell your 3960 to recoup

FYI: R4 has XEON support, here is a list, quote:

Additional CPU’s that I have personally tested with this board that work are the following: Sandy Bridge-EP

Xeon E5-1607, Xeon E5-1620, Xeon E5-1650, Xeon E5-2643, Xeon E5-2640, Xeon E5-2667, Xeon E5-2650, Xeon E5-2660, Xeon E5-2665, Xeon E5-2670

Recently tested (Oct 2017) and known to work are: Xeon E5-2637, Xeon E5-4610, Xeon E5-4620

Note: tested Xeon E5-1607 V2 it will not POST***

Note: No support for Engineering Sample (ES) Processors, the bios has no ES microcodes"

Your 16Gigs mem prolly ok

Those 690s are getting old, AMD dropped driver support because they aren't GCN cards, maybe time to sell them while they still have value & invest into a solo-beast-card like 2070 2080 1080Ti. I held onto my X-Fire 5970s & now they're basically worthless, lol, I should've sold years ago for 980 / 980Ti / 1080

My friend Luke dropped some cash into new hardware & kept the case:

Aurora R4 ALX 8700k RTX 2080ti

Join that forum & chime into his thread if u need tips on a project like below

(I'd have installed the 01YGW R4 38mm cooler instead, though the 80i should or does cool better)

And I just helped revamp his Area-51 w/new Asus Z390 RTX Corsair PSU etc

The SSD/CPU/GPU upgrades you're thinking about may get some longevity from your R4 & then later u can sell those parts & invest into new like Luke did, or sell the whole thing & get something else. My R4 will get a mthrbrd/cpu upgrade when my 4820k stops feeling snappy, I'm holding onto my case, for good. I will consider 4960x 1st, but the price has to come down just a tad more on one

edit: my 4820 is a retail chip, & when R4 switched from Sandy to Ivy, some 1st wave Sandy buyers (with Bios update & with cash) had to have updated to retail 4960 chip, but I can't link u to where; I do know of at least one owner I helped out that did try retail 4960 w/success but that was in 2015? No one has ever come into this forum to report a retail chip wouldn't pass P.O.S.T when using correct Bios version unless they bent their pins 1st (or bought a dud D.O.A. chip from a scammer) ... ... ... same will be said for u, if u ease it into the socket of course. Buy some good thermal paste (Phobya Nano grease / Gelid GC extreme / Grizzly Kryonaut / Arctic Silver @minimum etc)  


Your CPU-Z reports 800 = 1600MHz DDR3 dbl-data-rate as we'd expect

The R4 Spec PDF Manual & Google Aurora R4 maximum memory (= basic word search) --> Supports up to (4x8Gb) 32Gb 1600MHz | (4x4Gb) 16Gb or (4x2Gb) 8Gb 2133Mhz --> I think a 24Gb config 1600MHz should also work (2x8 + 2x4); some 1866MHz configs work also

Read-Only Forum Search: AURORA R4 MAXIMUM MEMORY

If 16gigs doesn't feel like enough, try a 24Gb or 32Gb config @1600 (speeds over 1600, like 1866 2133 get iffy whether the mem-kit will boot up or not on these boards for any of various reasons, where 32Gb 1600 will be better than 16Gb 2133 / 1866 etc)