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Re: Aurora R4 Overhaul - of sorts

Hi @Cass-Ole. I like both what the angel and the demon are saying to me! I'm so easily influenced Smiley LOL

Thanks for taking the time out to share so much valuable info. 

Really good to know there are in-fact multiple options for processors. Also very reassuring that the RTX 2080Ti can work too. So essentially I can go for a 20-series, or even a 10-series without having any real concerns that it wouldn't work - pending of course it fits... as you mentioned some can be very bulky.

Here's what CPU-ID says about my memory...


Once the SSD upgrade is sorted I'll weigh my options up. I'd like to keep my R4 going for the foreseeable future - but if it turns out I start lusting over incredibly expensive hardware I might just start saving for an entirely new build.

That doesn't mean to say that during the "save" for a new build I could buy an RTX2080ti and pop it in the R4 until saving for the rest of the parts is complete.

Overall my intention is whether I simply upgrade the SSD or go all out and get memory, GPU, CPU as well, that the R4 will be used until its dying breath so to speak.

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