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Re: Aurora R5, can I update this?

It's got some good specs to it

Best to inform the viewership what your budget is (few hundred / $500 / $1000)

6700 can be upgraded to the only chip left, 6700k (un-locked chip & can be over-clocked)

  • if the 6700 is air-cooled, it will need the 050NP liquid cooler
  • if the motherboard doesn't have the VRM heatsink it will need one J46J2 (to check: look to the left of the cpu cooler for it)

Memory can be upgraded to 2666 / 2933 or whatever the max size & speed is supported on the R5 mthrbrd (I do not own this PC, can't say)

You can inspect the PC for how many memory cards are in it, it may have 1, 2 or 4, or u can use a software program (CPU-ID, HwInfo etc) or u may enter the Bios screen for that information on how many dimms / sticks / cards it has

The 1080 can be changed out for GTX 1080Ti, or new RTX 2080, RTX 2080Ti

  • RTX 2070 = a GTX 1080 but has RayTracing & DLSS features, but may be a side-grade as opposed to an upgrade
  • Youtube is a good place for 1080 vs 'X' comparisons
  • Blower-style cards are preferred over open-air (see google)
  • RTX 2080 = GTX1080 Ti which is still an excellent card

I assume you'll be selling some of the 'old' parts to help pay for new parts

I assume you will co-ordinate w/ your son what looks best to invest in, even if it spoils the surprise. Try eBay (completed auctions also) for current market prices on older used hardware; there is a market for the parts u listed & may need to sell

ProTip: the 6700 & 1080 may comprise parts u wish to 'hold onto', as known good working spares for troubleshooting or to re-install back into case if ever it is sold (remove 6700k / 1080 Ti etc & do whatever w/ them)

One high-dollar GRFX card may be better than two cards in SLI; I would not buy another 1080, in other words, but it is an option (dual-1080s in SLI using a high-bandwidth bridge to connect the cards)  

Look into an RTX 2080 (blower card) for an upgrade that matters (the 6700k & faster memory could come later)

Below is a new R8 w/ 2080 + over-clocked K CPU (Likely a twin of the MSI Aero)

It may already, but if it doesn't have the modular power supply in the photos seen in the for-sale link, consider the 850watt w/ cables when running high-power GRFX & CPU

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