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Re: Aurora R7 CPU pump failed

Hello, it's March 29, 2019 and I've been having this issue crop up since I got the computer late last year. Just yesterday I uninstalled control center and reinstalled, after making sure I got the newest version [I did the same thing last week too]. But it's still showing up with the Pump failed. I ran ePSA test and everything is working as it should so it must still be that the program is broken even after a year.


This is the one I downloaded and installed: It's the one my computer's product page says is the newest version for my computer, but as I said, still getting the pump failed and the temperatures reporting as 0c and the AlienFX light controller isn't working.


I had gotten it all to work last week for a few days after reinstalling but it's happened again and yesterday even reinstalling didn't work. Anyways, any fresh info or help would be fantastic. Thanks!

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