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Re: Graphics Amplifier Troubles

Hi Rodrigo I have an update on the situation. 

I went over to Best Buy and brought home a brand new graphics card, a GTX 1050 do some troubleshooting. After swapping it out with the 970, I noticed that it was not being detected in my device manager even though I had the nVidia notebook driver installed. Instead I see the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" being detected. So with the amplifier plugged in I reinstalled the 391.35 notebook driver from nVidia....this did the trick or so I thought. Device manager recognized the 1050 Ti and I was able to play some games without any issues. However when I unplugged the GA and started up the laptop, I am now in the situation where it does not recognize my internal GTX 970M. Its just missing from the device manager, all I see are the intel 530 drivers. So I thought to reinstall 391.35 notebook drivers again - this reinstalled my 970M. Yet when I plug in the graphics amplifier the 1050 Ti is again missing and I see the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" being recognized!

BASICALLY....if I want to use my internal graphics or the GA I have to keep reinstalling the notebook drivers in either situation. I tried to clean out the nVidia drivers with DDU and fresh install everything but this does nothing either. Please help!


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