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Re: Alienware 15 r3 boot-up and sleep issues

Hi @DaanKroonen!

We are sorry to hear about your problem. Let's try doing a diagnostic/ePSA test in your system to verify that your hard drive works fine. Watch this video and follow the steps.

Also, let's try with a CPU stress test:

  1. Download and install any temperature monitoring tool such as HWiNFO64or RealTemp
  2. Open the app once it is installed
  3. Open Support Assist
  • Click on Start
  • Type Support Assist 
  • Support Assist Icon should come up, click on it 
  • If Support Assist is not installed on your system Click Here and follow the On-Screen Instructions
  1. Click on Checkup
  2. Click on Scan a Specific Device
  3. Scroll Down to System Device
  4. Click on CPU
  5. Select CPU Stress Test and click Run Test

Please reply to me in a private message with your findings, and include your Service Tag. I removed it from your post since that is private information, and we rather you not share that type of info in a public thread.

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