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Re: Amplifier's graphic card only works with external screen

@Alienware-Eimy My graphic amplifier was able to be detected after I installed the Asus GTX1080Ti Turbo graphic. However, it cannot be recognized after I reinstalled the computer with the Alienware Recovery Mode. I was wondering if there is any fix? (Like a driver update? or a method to reset the settings in the Graphic Amplifier?)

*Since it cannot be detected, I cannot see or change anything from the Alienware Command Center. But the graphic card works when plugged in an external display.

System: Alienware 17 R5 - i9 model
- All drivers and Alienware software are up-to-date
- Installed the Nvidia latest laptop graphic card driver, and the GTX1080ti works (Only with external monitor)
- Amplifier doesn't function as desired/the way it supposed to

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