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Alienware 15R3 SSD upgrade

Hello all, I am new to computers and wanting to find more about it

I currently have the Alienware 15R3 128GB M.2 SATA SSD + 1TB 7200RPM. Im looking to upgrade my SSD drive and had couple question whether I should just replace my 128GB SSD to 250gb SSD or to have both. so..

  • Can I just have 3 drives operating at once?  (ex. 125 SSD 1 + 250 SSD 2 +1TB HDD D:drive) I’m sure AW built 3 slots for a reason but I was wondering if I should just keep my OS & Drivers on the 128gb ssd and my other games in 256gbSSD?) or is it better to just replace my 128gb ssd to 250gb SSD and install all my OS and games there?
  • I’m thinking of getting the Samsung 970 evo series, and heard Samsung have their own migration system app. Any experience with this? Would this be essentially cloning? If I were to just keep 1 SSD in my AW, would I just put the new SSD in the 2nd slot and migrate the files over to the new SSD?

Thank you



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