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Graphics Card Replacement?

Hello all. I'm new here. Thanks for having this community. 


I have an Alienware M18x with windows 10 OS. According to the "DirectX Diagnostic Tool," the card info is as following.


Name:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M

Manufacturer:  NVIDIA

Chip Type:  GeForce GTX 560M

DAC TypeIntegrated RAMDAC

Device Type:  Full Display Device

Approx. Total Memory: 5566  MB

Display Memory (VRAM):  1479 MB

Shared Memory:  4086 MB

The graphics card is no longer able to run efficiently the following programs...


After effects,

Premiere Pro, etc.
Up until this year, the machine worked fine. Now, when I use it, oftentimes the machine takes much longer than normal to process work or it will freeze, default back to the original color scheme of the laptop. At times, forcing me to restart the machine. I would like to know what's the most budget-friendly way to address this issue. Even if it means replacing the exact card. Please give me some insight. Thanks in advance for the help.

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