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Re: Brand new Alienware m15 temperature 100C! thermal thrott

I thought was a driver issue but yes the same it's happening to me, no matter what I try the laptop is running hot 75 Celsius for single task and jumps to 100 Celsius in matter of seconds I even getting graphical artifacts in forza, we are at winter at 74 F whats going to happen in summer where the temperature goes up 120 F here at palm springs. 

 I love the design the materials but I think I got a defective unit, it is uncomfortable to use its hot and noisy as "inferno".

and I agree I didn't pay over $2000 to be carrying a cooling pad everywhere.  

I going to send it back, one of the main adverting of this laptop was the cooling system that is not working at all, maybe or heatsinks are defective.

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