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15 R3, troubles with AW988 Headset

My wireless gaming headset worked fine with the Alienware Headset Center on my R3 up until a couple weeks ago when I attempted to also use the Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard as well (I had tried to download the newest version of Alienware Command Center[5.17] to control the keyboard's lights).  My lighting settings on my headset were turned off, and now the headset will not "initiate" properly in the headset center application.  I tried uninstalling the Headset Center as well as the new version of the Command Center (5.17), and now I cannot seem to reinstall the Headset Center, from the headset's dongle or Dell's website. I've tried installing the new headset driver from dell's website, but it's meant to be controlled with the newest Control Center version -which apparently is incompatible with my laptop?? I cannot find just the normal Alienware Headset Center software anywhere. So now I can't change anything but the volume on my headset! Have I deleted everything I shouldn't have??

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