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Re: Alienware 15 -R3 troubles with AW988 Headset

I wish that would be the solution I'm looking for. I've looked in the driver search on Dell's website over and over.  There is no longer an Alienware Headset Center program to be found anywhere. Every time I search it comes up with no results. Even in the drivers and downloads section for the Wireless Gaming Headset item itself, there is no file for the Alienware Headset Center - only for the new version of Command Center and for a driver which allows the Command Center to control the headset...No issue, right? Just use Command Center? If only it were that easy. My computer is 2 years old and isn't able to support the new Command Center, so I specifically need Alienware Headset Center software running on my computer.  However, there may be an easy solution and I'm just not savvy enough to figure this part out.  In my program files, I have a folder that says "AWHeadsetCenter" and a folder that says "AWHeadset" but I can't seem to get the application to run, even after selecting "run as administrator" on every file that is an application type file.

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