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Re: Alienware 15 -R3 troubles with AW988 Headset

It seems I'm not the only person with this problem.  Others seem to think that Dell itself has pulled the software for Alienware Headset Center in favor of incorporating it with the newest versions of Command Center...Which, for someone with even a 2 year old Alienware model, is incompatible for integrating all of the Alienware peripherals...This reddit post confirms that this is a problem.

As someone with possibly more influence here, could a moderator or support crew find a way to possibly retrieve the old AWHeadset Center software and get it back on Dell's drivers pages??? Otherwise, anyone without a brand new computer just spent $200 on a headset that you can't control RGB function of nor even the equalizers that the software used to allow for....They're just headphones at this point. Absolutely bonkers