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Nickolas jude
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Re: Unable to change display brightness - Alienware 15R3

Go to device manager than click on display adapters to see which driver you have ( I had to uninstall my "Intel HD graphics 630") if you have a Intel and a NVIDIA graphics card, start with the Intel driver. look up your driver directly from the provider( if its Intel, install the "Intel driver and support assistant") than uninstall the driver but don't restart your computer ( your display will probably change display scaling and look a bit weird ). Go back to the webpage with your bios and driver installer and scan your computer for updates, than download the update/driver. After it downloads click install ( it may take a few minutes for anything to change ) than restart your computer when it ask you to. This is how I fixed my Alienware 15 r3

* update

I did a update the next day and the same problem came back but this time i had to restart after uninstalling the driver.

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