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15 R2, best process to install/run from USB

Hi, Thank you all for looking at this and answering.  I have an Alienware 15 R2 with Windows 10 Pro.  I would like to install the Windows to run from a USB Flash drive.   I am basically aware of the Driver downloads, and such.  I just thought someone would suggest the programs to install Windows 10.   I have the same Windows 10 Pro Activation Key  (license.)    Basically I know how to do it.  Just felt someone could suggest ways to make this easier. 

Also any possible suggestion on the order to install Windows 10 Drivers, as they can sometimes be finicky about that.  

In the past, I tried to create a way to boot Windows 10 from an external hard drive, but, unless I use some third party software, that looks impossible.   I would guess that it would also might be possible to boot from Thunderbolt, but I do not have a drive for that, and I am not sure if the Alienware would boot from that, unless I used some third party software.

Thanks for any experienced advice.

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