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DELL-Brian S
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DC Evironment

Hi everyone,
My customer (Andrew) and I have a question.
He's very close to a purchase on the new M1000e enclosure but has will have to convert DC to AC to make it work.
He specific questions are as follows....

"Cost of 220Volt AC inverter system?"

>I've checked with Liebert...there working on this. Any other vendors that I could ask?

"How much inefficiency does the inverting solution add - the inverting solution may be very efficient, but the overall conversion from 48volt DC to 220volt AC then back to the DC voltages inside the blade enclosure can add up to be quite inefficient overall. A blade enclosure that runs natively from 48volt DC power will be far more efficient without the need for the 220volt AC inverting steps."

>I'd love to have anyone that's up for it jump on a call with Andrew and myself 🙂
Brian Summers
Dell Subject Matter Expert
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