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Terrible Customer Service - Small Business Owner.

I had heard from many people that Dell has bad customer service, but I gave it a chance anyways.  I have a lot of patience, but my FIRST experience with Dell was absolutely horrible.    Here's my story:

  1. Ordered a monitor on the phone with a credit card, urgent business need for this item.
  2. Was notified by FedEx that Dell got my shipping address wrong
  3. Talked to someone at Dell who said he would fix it and call me back
  4. Received an email that the order had been canceled
  5. Checked with FedEx, found out that Dell asked for the monitor to be returned
  6. Received an email that my order from Dell had been cancelled
  7. Talked to 15 or 20 representatives, waited for hours on hold over two days
  8. Finally got a manager, told me there was nothing he could do and I would receive a refund to my credit card at some point in the next 15 days.  Nothing anyone can do, it is what it is.

My first, and last Dell experience - I expect much better service and I'll find someone who can provide it.  I will also spread the word.

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