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Re: Dell Support (profanity removed)

i have never seen so many inept people who dont listen to what you are telling them... that have no authority to do anything !  i purchased a very expensive 7720 laptop and it has not worked correctly since day one.. ive talked to dozens of people at dell and have had multiple parts replaced... reloaded windows 3 times and still cant get anywhere with this and noone has the darn authority to make the decision to just send me a replacement!  we are about 13 hours into this between support calls and having a local tech come out and replace most of the parts and still the problem exists. i have been trying to for days now to get them just to exchange the machine and stop wasting my time (and theirs) but they still wish to continue to make me upset and make me wait yet another 24 -48 hours more for someone else to call me back to spend more time (wasted). i have purchased about 20 dell machines over the years for work and personal use.. this is definately the last one, because im sick and tired of speaking to peple who are nothing but robots !

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