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Horrible customer care, no internal communication,. so disappointed on Dell. Anyone from headquarter likes to help?

I placed an order on April 2, yes, more than one month ago, and called Dell for more than 15 hours to settle everything, which is not yet settled. 

Firstly, the sales representative told me he will give me a free backpack. But when I checked the order next day, it's not there. I called and argued for 5 hours to get this PROMISED  deal back to me. They charge me $96 and said will return $100 to my credit card after I received it. 

Only 2 days later, Dell launched its new promotion and changed hard drive from 5400 to 7200. I was certainly unhappy and called to cancel the order and reorder a new one. I called for like 7 hours, they just transfer me from this department to that one. For every representative, I have to explain the whole story. Finally, I reached a manager who told me to not do so by offering me a $200 discount. I thought that's great, since I can buy a 7200 by myself. I also asked about the Witch 3 copy, since I am really interested, and he told me that it will come with the laptop.

The order is a next-day shipping, which should arrive on 4/16, but it comes one week after, and a representative called me that there will be a compensation (turns out to be a joke).  

OK here comes the problem. Dell representatives can only give customers $200 maximum. So they cannot give me $100 from the bag and $200 from keeping the order, which makes it $300. They let me chose to keep the bag and get $250, or return the bag (will be refunded) and have $250. Why I have to make such choice? It's your internal problem to have the 200 limitation! It's the first time Dell broke its promise. For the same reason, the representative told me he cannot offer me compensation for the delay, since I already got $200. OK, so why are you telling me that there will be compensation? You can certainly check records and find this! I am not responsible for the failure of Dell's internal communication and somewhat 200 limitation. Does that mean you can do whatever bad things to your customers by offering $200? In addition, there's no promised Witch 3. 

Dell promised me a backpack, $200 discount, and an unknown compensation (and the game). But I actually got merely $200. I lost 15 hours for like nothing. I don't care about the small money, but if you, Dell, cannot redeem these promises, please don't make them. I always believed that Dell has very good customer care, but it actually taught me how bad could it be. They just don't know what each other is doing, and kick me here and there and don't take responsibilities. I heard many times "Sir, don't worry, I will take good care of it.""Sir, I will definitely resolved the problem." Yes, they are nice people but they don't do things.

I wish someone from Dell U.S. may see this post and resolve my problems, and hopefully to improve your call center, and make it easier for future customers. I already had this enough and didn't think I will come back or recommend unless the problems resolved. Outsourcing is risky, so please pick a reliable partner. 

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