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Dear Dell - I'm Leaving you today!


I have had a long relationship with you.  I have watched you grow from Studio to XPS 13.  I really have enjoyed your products and your pricing.  But your customer service is the pits.  Maybe I will find that there is worse customer service out there from other companies.  I really doubt it. 

Today I was in a transferring loop for 4 hours over one return.  I was told my order was on hold…Not sure how that could be considering that I have received the product.  But nevertheless, I was transfer to the verification department 2 times to get the hold taken off.  Each time I reached that department they said there was no hold and they would transfer me back to returns.  This happened 2 times.  So I talked to returns and verification 2 times each.   Now think about the 10-15 minute wait time in between each transfer. This long call was finally ended by a "Supervisor" transferring me to the main call in number where I originally started my journey.  

I had a lot of people tell me what they could not do.  Somehow they expected that I would be able to do something they could not do.  I’m amazing, but asking me to do things that people within Dell cannot do is confusing to me. 

I tried to do things within your guidelines.  It did not work.  Now I see why when people swear off Dell, they really never want to come back.  I had always thought these people were crazy and just being difficult.  I have now experienced the same feeling that makes me never want to buy Dell again. 

So I will be ending my Dell Preferred Account and deleting my log in with you.  You can say goodbye to a customer that loved your product and was dedicated to the brand. 

It would have been nice to have a customer support line with qualified people for those customers that purchase over $10K a year in Dell. 

It is time for me to build a relationship with another brand. 

Thank you for the great products, but I will never waste my valuable time again with your customer service.